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Higer Bus and Coach is one of the most innovative bus manufacturers in the world.

Higer's focus on developing new technology and cutting-edge design is centred on an overall goal of driver and passenger safety, sustainable vehicle operation and fuel economy.

With a strong focus on thought leadership, Higer does not settle for what works in the here and now, Higer is driven to lead Australia toward the future.

Indicative of Higer's dedication to the market is that Australia receives a significant proportion of Higer's research and development investment. This investment is targeted towards developing industry-leading innovations including: 

-          Fully electric buses
-          Electronic Braking Systems (EBS)
-          Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
-          Lane changing technology
-          Driver fatigue technology

After Higer first launched in Australia, they collaborated with Murray's Coaches, a mainstay in the Australian industry for more than 50 years, to enhance the models for the local market. More than 200 modifications were made to Higer buses after their staff worked alongside Murray's, making Higer the perfect choice for Australian conditions.

Higer's innovation does not stop with the additions and modifications to current models. The new CitiBus and 4x4 models are manufactured in collaboration with customers and will be tested in local conditions. In fact, the new Higer 4x4 will be tested in the unforgiving Australian outback.

Higer's research and development team are leading the way, giving Australian drivers and operators what the uniquely Australian conditions demand of a bus. Higer is truly, at home in Australia.