WMC Offers the Most Accessible Range of Commercial Vehicles

Monday, August 20, 2012

Leading vehicle distributor, WMC Group, has teamed up with Australia's leading provider of wheel chair access products and emergency vehicle accessories, Byron Group, to create the most accessible range of commercial vehicles on the Australian market.

Byron Group has been providing specialist transport solutions for more than half a century and through its subsidiaries including Accessible Transit Specialists, Emergency Transport Technology, Emergency Resource Management, DHS Emergency, Specialist Heavy Vehicles and Byron Aviation.

The majority of the work under the agreement between WMC and Byron Group will be carried out by ATS - Australia's leader in vehicle wheel chair access modification.

Arthur Nersisyan, General Manager of Australian Transport Solutions, believes the agreement between WMC Group and ATS' parent company, Byron Group, will be a significant benefit to the transport industry.

"The partnership with WMC Group will benefit the end user by providing more vehicle choices and will ensure more cost effective solutions for a range of uses including wheel chair accessible transport and emergency vehicles for the Australian market," said Arthur Nersisyan.

"We are looking forward to working with WMC to provide new products for thousands of customers," he added.

WMC and Bryon Group will offer wheelchair accessible vehicles across the Higer Bus range as well as on the LDV product from SAIC- making it the first distributor to offer accessible vehicles from the showroom floor as a one-stop destination for wheel chair friendly vehicles.

Byron Group also offers flooring systems, interior lighting, additional access steps and hand rails which can be fitted to any product in the WMC range.

According to Jason Pecotic, CEO of WMC Group, the partnership provides an almost unlimited range of uses for vehicles across the brands WMC represents in Australia.

"It means that WMC can now offer a commercial vehicle for almost every application ranging from delivery vans to wheelchair accessible buses and patient transport services," Jason Pecotic said.

"WMC wheelchair accessible vans and buses are in high demand for community transport groups, retirement villages and taxi companies all of which are seeking cost effective solutions to their transport needs.

The Higer, and LDV ranges will provide a far more affordable and efficient base for vehicles which traditionally represent a major capital outlay for organisations that often have a charity or not for profit
charter," he added.

"By offering vehicles which feature Byron Group modifications directly at a dealer level, we've eliminated the hassle of purchasing a vehicle and then having to deal with another company to modify it to fit the end users needs," he said.

The availabilty of Bryon Industry modified HIGER, and LDV vehicles directly from WMC's extensive Australia wide dealer network will also mean that buyers can now take advantage of the new financing packages being offered by WMC through Macquarrie Leasing.

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