From toddlers to transport

Thursday, September 25, 2014

When childcare centre owner Adam Baker decided to expand the transport part of his business beyond getting his little clients to and from school, Higer was his first port-of-call.

Adam and his family have been running their childcare centre since 1969, but one afternoon three years ago the business took on a new dimension.

"I got a call from the local school. Their bus had broken down and they asked me to transport a few kids home in the people mover I was driving for the child care centre. The school's bus broke down again the next week and the week after. Eventually the school asked me to keep driving the kids and that's how Belbaker Bus Charter came to be," Adam says. 

As the transport business grew, Adam decided to take the next step and buy his first full size bus. Tony Concetti from Zupps Truck and Bus Centre, Eagle Farm approached Adam at just the right time to present him with the benefits of making that first purchase a Higer.

Adam opted for a Higer H12320c Road Boss because it offered the comfort and luxury he wanted for his passengers. He says the quality of service he got from Tony and his team confirmed he had made the right decision.

"Buying our first full size bus was a huge step for us. It was quite intimidating to make our first large purchase for the business," Adam says. 

"The whole process was made so much easier by our Higer dealer. He understood how much of a step it was to be making this kind of investment, and he was right there with us and supported us every step of the way from ordering through to delivery and the ongoing service of the bus. The customer service from both Higer and Zupps Truck and Bus Centre has been exemplary."

Over the past few years Belbaker Bus Charter's workload has continued to grow and they needed additional buses.  Adam said it was a logical decision to go back to his Higer dealer.


"Again we told Tony what we needed and he helped us find the right models for our needs. We own five Higers as part of our fleet including a H8200 Ryder.

The H8200 Ryder is powered by a 4.5L Cummins ISB 200Hp turbo-intercooled engine matched to an Allison six-speed transmission for fuel-efficient performance and quiet operation. The eight-metre bus comfortably seats 33 passengers and, like every Higer bus, features seatbelts as standard.

Adam says his customers love the comfort of the H8200 Ryder and his drivers find it good to drive and easy to manoeuvre.

"My Ryder is a highly efficient workhorse. I run that bus from 5:00am to 10:00pm, seven days a week. It covers more than 400km per day. It is an extremely reliable vehicle and it is consistent with its fuel efficiency."
Belbaker's transport business is flourishing and Adam is looking forward to expanding his fleet.

"I'm excited about the future. Belbaker will continue to grow across both the corporate and the school markets and we'll keep looking after the children at the child care centre, too," he says. 

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