Higer’s 2 for 3 seating delivers value

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Bus operators will have their first look at Higer's new 2 for 3 seating at the 2015 BusVic Expo.

Well timed to meet the new regulations in NSW, the seats also make sense for school bus operators in other states.

Offering the safety of lap-sash seat belts for all passengers, the seats are ADR approved and available for order on all new Higer buses.

2 for 3 seating allows for 2 adults or 3 children (under the age of 12) to use the seat. As a result, the Higer H7170 displayed at the Expo can carry 28 adult passengers, or up to 35 children when 2 for 3 seats are installed.

Higer's National Sales and Marketing Manager, Francis Burdock explains that the best feature of the Higer 2 for 3 seat is the price; "To fit-out a competitor 25 seat bus with 2 for 3 seating can add nearly $30,000 to the price of the bus. Depending on the final spec of the Higer H7170, Higer can add 2 for 3 seating to a more versatile, more powerful bus for many thousands of dollars less."

When utilised in Higer's larger buses, 2 for 3 seating takes the Higer H8200 from a capacity of 35 to 52 passengers, the Higer H9250 from 41 to 61 passengers, and the Higer H12320c from 57 to a maximum of 85 passengers.

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