Higer H8200 Platinum sets a new standard for luxury coaches

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Higer Bus and Coach will unveil the Higer H8200 Platinum luxury coach at the 2015 BusVic Expo, continuing the Platinum range first revealed in 2014 with the Higer H7170 Platinum.

The Higer H8200 Platinum features 22 luxury reclining seats, two LCD screens for the multimedia system, in-seat USB charging for passenger devices, satellite navigation and an on-board refrigerator big enough to keep a case of champagne cool.

CEO of White Motor Corporation, importer of Higer buses, Neil Bamford says that there was heavy interest from the market for the Higer H7170 Platinum since it was revealed at last year's Gold Coast show, "The Higer H7170 Platinum is a fantastic luxury mini-coach, which has raised the profile of the Higer brand in Australia. The new H8200 Platinum now takes that concept to the next level."

"With more room than the Higer H7170 Platinum, the Higer H8 200 Platinum allows for larger seats, more comfortable airbag suspension and under-floor luggage bins. There is also the capability to fit-out the coach to a customer's individual specifications."

Francis Burdock, National Sales and Marketing Manager for Higer, continues, "with passenger cars becoming more luxurious at even the cheapest price points, passengers of charter coaches expect a higher level of comfort than in years gone by."

"We are able to meet the expectations of discerning passengers with the Higer H8200 Platinum through increased seat space and better amenities. We expect to receive a high level of interest from operators in tourist areas, including winery tours, airport transfers and conference specialists."

On whether this will be the last Platinum Edition produced by Higer, Francis concludes: "Once we have a good gauge of the demand for the Higer H8200 Platinum, the range could be further extended to include larger H9, H10 and H12 models, allowing for more seats and even more luxury appointments."

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