Higer hits the road with The Variety Cycle

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A H7170 Munro 28 seat mini coach is currently on the road with hundreds of cyclists as part of the inaugural Variety Cycle fundraising event, which kicked off in Sydney in mid-march.

Higer is a presenting sponsor of the event, which will cover almost 4,000 km between Sydney and its finishing point at Uluru in the Northern Territory. "This epic event will take in some of Australia's most iconic landscapes along the way, from Sydney Harbour to The Great Ocean Road, and the Higer H7170 Munro will play an important role as support vehicle for the full journey, carrying gear, auxiliary staff and tired or injured riders," said Higer CEO, Neil Bamford.

Higer has provided Variety Cycle with a fully fuelled and maintained H7170 Munro 28 seat mini coach, which is equipped with a trailer. A Higer team member has been given the opportunity to be part of the adventure of a lifetime - all from behind the wheel of the H7170 Munro.

"Our service technician Scott Mutch has been at the helm since day two of the event and will be behind the wheel for the rest of the trip. All reports so far are that the coach looks great and is performing exceptionally well across differing terrain and in varying conditions," Neil said.

Scott said the bus has been a big hit with cyclists. "The bus has been going great! Sometimes I'll have two or three cyclists on board and sometimes the bus is full, shuttling riders between their hotels and dinner venues or between starting points. They've especially enjoyed the comfort of the bus, including the air conditioning. It was pretty cold when we started, so the heating was very welcome, and now it's hot so they're enjoying the air conditioning."

Scott said the bus has run very smoothly so far, and he's had the chance to enjoy some great Aussie scenery. The drive into St Kilda was particularly scenic, but Scott expects the views to get even better as he makes his way along the Great Ocean Road and eventually to Uluru.

The bus has been covered in a professionally designed wrap that features sponsor logos and the route map and will act as a backdrop for many media interviews along the route.

Neil Bamford will soon have the opportunity to share the cyclists' perspective of the event, as he prepares to join the final stretch of the ride. "I'll be participating in the last leg of the ride, from Coober Pedy to Uluru. It should be spectacular and it will be great to cross the finish line along with other riders who've joined the event, whether for a day, one leg of the route or the whole 4,000 kilometres."

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