Higer leads school and charter sales for third consecutive year

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Higer has retained its market leading position in 2013, achieving the highest number of sales across the industry, not including city/ route segment sales. 

CEO Neil Bamford said the result was a reflection of the brand's commitment to continuous improvement and to meeting market demands.

"2013 was a tough year for the industry, with overall industry unit sales down five per cent compared to the previous year. The fact Higer has managed to increase sales across our model range in a declining market is something we are very proud of. This result was achieved through the dedication of the sales and aftermarket support staff in our national dealer network, who have worked very closely with customers throughout the year."

Higer has performed strongly and enjoyed solid market growth since its Australian launch five years ago. Neil says a focus on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement has driven the growth.

"The buses we sell in Australia are designed for Australian conditions. Our Australian sales and technical teams work very closely with the international Higer design and manufacturing divisions to ensure we can provide customers with reliable vehicles suited to their needs. As an example, there have been over 200 improvements made to the design of our new HigerH7170Munro mini coach since the early model was released, based largely on detailed feedback and close liaison with a key customer."

With its growing market share and plans to introduce more models to the Australian market in the near future, Higer has developed a new naming convention that streamlines and simplifies the way the various models are named.

The new naming convention will make it easier for customers to see at a glance what the key size and configuration information is for each bus.

"Under the new naming system, each model will be named in the same way, with an H for Higer at the start then two numbers - the first representing the vehicle size and the second referring to the engine power. The designation S or C is also used to indicate a Charter or School model.

'Previously, the models have been given names like Roadboss and Ryder but as we bring more and more models to the market, it makes sense to develop a more easily understood system.

"This change is a reflection of our confidence in the Australian market and our commitment to continuing to grow our presence here."

The new naming convention is effective immediately.

Model Name

Size and Configuration


Higer H7170Munro                                                             


7.6m, 170HP, 28 seat-belted seats


Higer H8200Ryder


8.5m, 200HP, 33 seat-belted seats


Higer H9250Midi Boss


9.3m, 250HP, 41 seat-belted seats


Higer H10280Road Boss


10.5m, 280HP, 45 seat-belted seats


Higer H12300sRoad Boss

12.3 m, 300HP, 57 seat-belted seats, 18t compliant,


Higer H12320cRoad Boss


12.3m, 320HP, 57 seat-belted seats, 18t compliant

Source of industry statistics: ABC Magazine.

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