Higer releases the all new H9250 in Australia

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Australian school bus operators can choose the seating configuration to suit their needs with the launch of Higer's new H9250 Midiboss into the Australian market.


The new Higer H9250 Midiboss has a wider body than other models in its class. This means its standard 2+2, 41-seat capacity can be easily reconfigured with 3+2 seating, as recently delivered to a NSW operator. This seating flexibility works well for school bus operators.

CEO of Higer's local distributor WMC Group, Neil Bamford, says he is proud of the versatility of the new model.


"We know that schools don't have endless transport budgets. We also understand that safety, flexibility and comfort are always high on the priority list but different things are important to different owners.  


"So we've created a bus that can be tailored to allow owners to scale up what's important to them and scale back what isn't as important, to deliver a bus that ideally meets their needs," Neil says.


Higer uses tried-and-true components including a Cummins six-cylinder turbo-diesel engine and Allison automatic transmission as standard. The Cummins engine meets current Euro 5 emissions regulations and gives the Higer H9250 Midiboss more than enough power (184kW) and torque (950Nm @ 1200-1800rpm), to push through a working day smoothly and efficiently.


Offered for the first time on a Higer in Australia is an Electronic Braking System (EBS) combined with Electronic Stability Control (ESC). ESC is a computerised technology that improves a vehicle's stability by detecting and reducing loss of traction (skidding). When ESC detects loss of steering control, it automatically applies the brakes to help 'steer' the vehicle where the driver intends to go.



Electronic activation through an EBS braking system reduces brake response time. This reduces the braking distance by several meters, which can be critical in some situations.


As with all Higer vehicles, the Higer H9250 Midiboss also boasts great fuel economy. A large 260-litre tank ensures a longer drive between fills. However, economy is not at the expense of comfort.


In line with Higer's commitment to passenger safety, as with every other vehicle in the company's range, the Higer H9250 Midiboss comes standard with three-point seatbelts on every seat.


Comfort is not the sole preserve of the passengers. Drivers will find the new dash design on the Higer H9250 Midiboss easy to use and the controls easy to operate. All-round vision is excellent, and the driver's seat is ergonomically designed for comfort during long days in the seat.


Other optional features include luggage racks, leather seats, reclining seats, a two-year driveline warranty extension (four years in total) and locally-fitted wheelchair access.


"Our high quality of manufacture has meant that Higer is performing strongly and has enjoyed solid market growth since its Australian launch five years ago.


"The buses sold here are designed for Australian conditions, with the local sales and technical teams working closely with Higer's international design and manufacturing divisions to ensure customers receive reliable vehicles tailored to their need," Neil says.

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