Seatbelts standard for Higer

Monday, March 31, 2014

Higer's commitment to passenger safety has resulted in a full range of buses with seatbelts included as standard, from the H7170Munro 28 seat mini coach through to the 57 seat H12320cRoad Boss.

Higer CEO Neil Bamford said the models were all compliant with new rules that will require Western Australian school bus and other services to offer seatbelts by 2015.

"Western Australia has led the way on seatbelt legislation, and we expect the rest of the country to follow over the coming years, so choosing a bus with seat belts as standard is good business sense for operators.

"Apart from meeting the legislative requirements, we know that operators and passengers care about safety and comfort, so our models are designed to deliver both. It's always been our goal to include as standard from day one, the features our customers really need."

Higer's H7170Munro 28 seat mini coach has recently undergone an extensive upgrade, including more than 200 improvements to the design.

The long list of improvements adds to a range of existing features for the model, which is particularly valued for its seating capacity. While the H7170Munro has 28 passenger seats, most similarly sized vehicles have just 24.

"Thanks to clever design, the H7170Munro offers exceptional passenger comfort with generous legroom and central aisle. The seat layout is particularly appealing, with two seats on either side of the aisle instead of the more conventional 2+1 configuration," Neil said.

 "We worked very closely with key customers to assess their feedback on the H7170Munro.

"This included open dialogue on every aspect of the bus design and operation and we even took customers directly to our production facility to work with the team that designs and builds our buses.

 "As a result of this process, we made over 200 changes, ranging from new building processes to improve the appearance of the vehicle to a higher-lifting rear luggage door for better access and easier loading."

Neil said the bus was reviewed from the driver, passenger, technician and business operator perspective. "We've introduced a wider opening driver's door, a redesigned engine bay with fewer pipes and hoses in the way, softer suspension springs for a smoother ride, and changes to the internal design to improve headroom.

"The result is a small coach that is quieter, smoother and brighter, with improved driver controls, improved driver comfort, improved passenger comfort and improved serviceability.

 "The commitment to design innovation, safety and comfort that is a hallmark of the H7170Munro applies to our entire range."

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